New series of events at STEAMhouse in Birmingham

We’re very excited to be working with STEAMhouse on a new series of events in Birmingham, that will run throughout 2019.

STEAMhouse is a new centre for creative innovation and cultural production that brings artists, inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs and makers together,  developed by Eastside Projects and Birmingham City University.

Through these events we hope to support the growing community of makers at STEAMhouse, and provide an opportunity for a diverse group of designers, craftspeople, artists and technologists to learn, be inspired, and get to know each other.

Our first event is on Wednesday 13 March, featuring Triambak Saxena from Kniterate and Joseph Halligan from Turner Prizewinning architectural collective Assemble to Birmingham to talk through their work, and experiences, as makers making tools for makers.

Future events will be on the second Wednesday of each month.

Follow STEAMhouse news for more details.